Helping founders build modern brands that fuel work and life.

Small brands are the new big.

Digitally-native and niche brands are the future of retail and hospitality. The line between creators and consumers has never been more blurred. In a world which spawns half a million start-ups every month, how do you differentiate and how do you remain relevant? Everyone is seeking authenticity and fledgling brands have the agility to listen attentively, and to create new meaningful connections and experiences—let alone unique products and services.

Factory guides you through the strategies, insights and experiences that build big ideas borne from small brands.

Scaling brands isn’t about simply opening stores.

Scaling is easier for larger well-capitalized companies, but specialty brands are resourceful in other ways. The most promising brands are speaking through rather than to consumers. That’s the real leverage for growth and the secret weapon for creator-driven brands. Sure, capital for growth is critical but have you shored up the foundations of a business that can actually survive that expansion? There’s only one you after all.

Factory comprises veteran entrepreneurs as guides—mentors who have knowledge and experience with the path towards expansion. And Factory is a vested accelerator with a network of resources and investors to support scaling.

Assembling a portfolio of brands, network of spaces.

There’s great strength in numbers. If you think of the brands you support as a consumer, there’s a strong likelihood there are only a few degrees of separation between your business and theirs. So curating compatible brands in the places that modern consumers aggregate or better yet, catalyzing spaces that will attract those consumers is most effective as a group effort. Location, location, location really means relevant, relevant, relevant.

Factory’s mission is to develop the spaces where meaningful collisions happen.

Using locations as real-time labs for development.

"Fail forward” is a concept most small brands don’t feel they have the luxury or stamina to afford. What if you had access to a shared lab of consumer insight and market testing that didn’t burden your day-to-day business but actually gave it wings? What if the cost of entry to these developmental “leaps of faith” was more accessible and purposeful? Think of the real-time insight and bottom-line benefit of being able to immerse your product or service into an established community of hungry, engaged consumers.

Factory gathers modern creators and consumers into spaces with low barriers to entry—locations that have the flexibility and capacity to encourage market testing and opportunity.

There’s never been a better time to build and create.

A new wave of creators and entrepreneurs is transforming the way we work, build and live together in our fast-growing cities. Where we live is no longer the barrier to building products and businesses. You can’t teach entrepreneurship. You live it. You try it. You fail at it. You try again and again. We learn by doing. We learn by learning from each other.

That’s why we created Factory as a platform and network for the entrepreneur generation. There’s never been a more exciting time to create, to do something you love, and work alongside incredible entrepreneurs in our communities.