What is Factory?

Factory powers a community of retail, culinary, lifestyle and workplace brands looking to expand and scale. Our online platform helps founders level up their brand profile and playbook, find turnkey real estate to expand, and connect to relevant guides and partners.

Who's behind Factory?

Factory is part of the Makespace Group. We created Factory based on our experience gathering modern creators and consumers across a portfolio of over a million square feet of space. We’ve designed, developed, curated and activated unique gathering spaces, urban campuses and branded environments, from retail stores and event spaces, to co-working spaces, maker spaces and food halls. We’ve collaborated with real estate companies, brand owners and economic development organizations.

Our founders have been behind several ventures including:

  • Leading the creation of innovation hubs like Startup Edmonton, home to over 600 members and 100 companies, and Platform Calgary.
  • Scaling up global retail brands like Booster Juice, driving growth from 99 to 350 locations worldwide.
  • Investing in early-stage startups and tech and retail brands through Flightpath Ventures.

What's the cost for brands?

Joining Factory is free for brands, based on an application approval process. Once you're signed up, you'll have access to build your brand profile and base community tools. Depending on the stage of program you're in, you'll be allocated free monthly credits that can be applied for things like office hours, sprints and courses. We only charge a service fee on any programs or spaces booked through our platform.

Where do guides come in?

Factory guides act as a braintrust of coaches, mentors, advisors, experts, alumni and peers who support brands in our portfolio and programs. Guides are compensated based on their level of engagement in operations and programming, while others volunteer their time in exchange for access to business and investment opportunities with our portfolio brands.

When/where are you setting up locations?

Factory is continuously building relationships with landlord and developer partners with local and global portfolios of commercial and multifamily assets. Factory brands are operating today, primarily in our home bases of Calgary and Edmonton, Canada. We're currently working behind the scenes in several cities to develop brands and establish locations in 2020 and 2021. Target locations are mid-size markets with developing downtowns, presence of startup communities, emerging food and retail brands, and co-working operators.

I have a space, can I work with you?

Yes! We're always looking for turnkey spaces for retail, studios, production, distribution, and warehousing, leasable as dedicated or shared space, with flexible terms. For space owners, constantly building a steady stream of viable tenants on a flexible basis can be a challenge. Factory makes this easier by taking on the hard work of tenant selection, vetting, billing, and relationship management. Find out how to list your space here.

Do you expect equity in Factory brands?

No, joining Factory as a brand doesn't require you to give up equity in your company. However, we have made direct investments alongside other investors in some Factory brands through equity and/or royalty based agreements.