Scaling Up Your Culinary Brand

Factory Beta
Immersive, part-time
9 weeks, 3 sessions

How to put your fledgling culinary brand from initial location to a more scalable path to growth.

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About this course

Evolving consumer tastes and creative food entrepreneurs are driving the growth of modern culinary brands around the world. Fast-casual brands like Sweetgreen and Shack Shack are proving that food startups can be big businesses. Restaurant groups like Momofuku are innovating through delivery-only brands alongside premium dining experiences. New concepts can develop quickly through food trucks, pop-up markets, and food halls. But for many entrepreneurs, making the move from a successful first location to the next is a difficult leap. How do you learn how to build a scalable mentality that takes your culinary brand to new places?

Factory Beta is a hands-on, immersive program aimed at founders and startups building emerging food, hospitality and retail brands. Over the course of 90 days, our guides take a cohort of companies through weekly live talks, facilitated sessions and actionable plans. Together, we'll discuss challenge areas for your business and build strategies and recommendations to break through roadblocks and unlock growth.

Who's this for
  • You’re operating through pop-ups, markets, food trucks, food halls or a restaurant location or two
  • You want to use technology to optimize operations and diversify revenue
  • You could use some extra brains to help figure out a path to scale

What you'll learn
  • How to plan, launch, grow and sustain a scalable culinary brand
  • Learn the key mindsets and tools to grow
  • How to build brand platforms and channels, not more stores
  • Using playbooks as a way to test and optimize for replicability
What's included
  • 10 hours of instruction across 3 sessions, hosted over 9 weeks
  • Access to a toolkit and resources
  • Dedicated and featured mentors who’ll be your guides
  • Credits for office hours and live events hosted by Factory

Your Factory guides

Tim Hengel

Partner at Makespace. Led Booster Juice growth from 99 to 350 stores worldwide.

Ken Bautista

Partner at Makespace. Co-founded Startup Edmonton and Flightpath Ventures.

What we'll cover

Level up your mindset

Session One
2 online workshops
3 weeks

To grow a brand, one must first know their brand. While it's helpful to analyze stories of growth from other successful brands in your space, scaling up starts when operators turn their eyes inward. Before growth, operators first have to ask themselves if they’re ready for growth, what the vision is for themselves as operators, what they do extremely well, and what they don’t do well. When operators neglect to properly learn the ins and outs of their brand and concept before expanding, it can result in a not-so-dependable foundation for growth.

In this session, we'll lay the groundwork for a growth strategy:

  • Reflecting on your brand vision and your vision of the role you'll play in growth mode
  • What to look for in your financials, staffing, space design, and customer profiles towards replicability
  • How to gather and analyze data from units through systems like point of sales, mobile ordering platforms and email lists

Modernizing your brand

Session Two
2 online workshops
3 weeks

Once you figure out if growth is the path you really see in the future, you can put blinders on and laser-focus on scaling your brand. Now opening a first unit or second unit can be a completely different process than widespread expansion into a chain of additional stores. Usually, the scenario starts with an entrepreneur opening a first location and is passionately involved in every step of the process. But then she can’t devote the same one-on-one energy to additional units as her concept grows beyond her personal control, and so costs naturally increase as stores are built with less hands-on attention.

In this session, we'll explore how to optimize for replicability:

  • Breaking down your current concept into what scales, what doesn't and what’s missing
  • How to use playbooks to figure out replicability across the business
  • How to leverage technology to scale systems and concepts with consistency

Scaling your roadmap

Session Three
2 online workshops
3 weeks

Among the crucial steps in the scaling-up process is figuring out location, real estate, operating team and increasingly, supply chain logistics. You can change everything about your brand and concept, but it's difficult to change location once you've committed. Studying your original base of loyal customers can point to the strongest demographics for the brand and help to weed out the not-so-great neighborhoods from areas where the concept can flourish.

In this session, we'll map out a framework for a market entry plan:

  • Understanding the benefits and challenges of scaling through corporate or franchise models
  • How to manage the site selection process to best align with your scale up strategy and in-market supply chain
  • What to look for in potential leasing agreements with building owners

Putting it together

By the end of this bootcamp, you'll have the mindset and tools to start digging into your scaled-up vision for the brand and business. You'll also be potentially ready to join an accelerator which includes more hands-on opportunities for us to work together to grow your brand.

  • All-access subscription to all Factory Beta sessions only $350/month over 3 months
  • Individual sessions are $550 each
  • Pricing includes access to all course playbooks and toolkits
  • Take less than 90 days to build a roadmap to scale your brand